Rent a car with driver

driverPresent great offer for our valued customers who for whatever reason can not or do not wish to drive.
As you know, in life are different situations, it happens that our client, due to any illness or while taking medication that is contraindicated to drive, and really need to go. Or going to a business meeting, but knows that to wash the success of still have, but the responsibility will not allow further driving with a blood degree.
Then come to the aid of our additional service – rent car with driver!

This service is available even to those who do not have a driver’s license, our professional driver will take you on a rented car anywhere in the country.
You can pre-order Your transfer station, the driver on the car, will meet You at the appointed place at the right time.

Also, this service will be convenient for our foreign customers, who do not know the city and the region. Book car hire with driver in advance, the prices and availability of cars, ask our managers.